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Welcome to EKT Erasmus+ Project Pilot Phase 2!

Here you will find links and explanations to the main changes on the EKT Platform:

1. Video on the Main Dashboard

2. Explanation on the extra features of the Management Tool: please, read the box in BLUE after each video in the section 

3. Explanation on Shared Documents in the Document Tool: for Pilot 2, you will see one Default Folder shared between all participants of your Institution. In order to share your folder or file with a selected group of people or individuals, watch this video on Creating and Sharing Private Folders and Files.

4. There is a change in the Communication tool, too. Now you can search users of the Platform by surname and name. Also, there is the EKT Mobile App to ease your communication: Video on the  EKT Mobile APP

5. To support you in creating educational materials during your in-school placement, there is a special tool on the EKT Platform for this purpose: Chamilo Studio Tool that you can find on the Dashboard and from the Management Tool. We added another task for you to try it out in Unit 4. However, you can start with it or do at any time.